Adventures to find accomodation in Dawei. Challenging.

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I started to drive, the scenery was really nice but after half an hour I started to feel sooo tired plus the estimated time of the map didn’t fit my speed, I was going slower so it could take me more than 3 hours.

After almost one and a half hour I stopped to rest a little and eat some sweets I had bought.


Looking accomodation Dawei Launglon


I was thinking that it was gonna be much tougher than expected but going back would be the same shit and I had done almost half of the way. At that moment a guy stopped behind me with a motorbike. He was so serious, something new there as they are usually smiling. He talked to me, I couldn’t understand a word :/

At some point he wrote in his mobile phone: “Tizit guestouse”. Tizit is another beach closer than the monastery, around 40 minutes from where we were but I didn’t expect to find a guest house there. I was extremely tired so I fully trusted a guy I couldn’t even understand and followed him.


After riding a few minutes on the main road we saw the sign on the right to Tizit Beach. We had to turn right but the guy stopped. He tried to tell me something but I couldn’t understand anything again. He showed me a picture of a Bank, a boat, two women and wrote the amount of 500.000. At that moment I thought, oh shit, he wants me to withdraw that money because it is the price of the guest house? 😮

But the guy didn’t look at all like a dangerous person so I told him: yeah, it’s ok. Let’s go. We kept following the main road, at some point we turn left and got into some tracks. We went to a house, he looked for someone but the house was empty. We went back to the main road and he went to a temple and told me to wait a minute outside.

Then he came back and told me to go with him. I left my shoes and went up to the temple. He looked so happy and smiley, and while we were going upstairs he did some mimics, trying to explain that we were going to eat something, but it looked totally like he was doing a blowjob. I was confused but I accepted that the mimic hadn’t probably been so fortunate.

I went up there and there was just a table with some food and three chairs in the middle of the courtyard of the temple. Suddenly 15 people appeared and invited me to eat. This was really fun actually. They were taking pictures of me while I was eating, recording a video of the 30 minutes I was there, taking selfies and the novice monks wanted to high five with me every 15 seconds.


After that, I said goodbye to the people and left with the guy. We went to the house that was empty before and there were two really nice women there. One gave the guy 500.000 kyats (everything started to make sense) and after he counted everything we left (in rural areas people don’t use banks and they just trust in cash).

We went back to the road and around 7 pm (already dark) we were in the place where we had to turn to go to Tizit beach. There, he stopped again and tried to explain something to me, but again I couldn’t understand so I just said: Yeah man. It’s ok. Let’s go. I was so tired so I just wanted to leave the backpack and lay down for days.

The track was a bit tough, ups and downs, bumps and holes. After 20 minutes we start to see some houses and we stopped at a nice house, made of bricks, not bamboo style. His family was living there.

An old guy came outside (probably his father) and after they talked a little bit, the father told me: No guest house here. Go to a hotel. I couldn’t believe what was happening (days later I’d know that it’s forbidden for Burmese people to host foreigners, they need special permits to do that). I looked at the guy I came with, he didn’t tell me anything and he didn’t even look me in the eyes.


I didn’t leave, I tried to explain that I had had a long trip, I was too tired to go somewhere else at that moment, it was 7.30 pm (Dawei or the monastery were both two hours from where I was) and that I would sleep wherever, a roof was more than enough.

The father called someone and suddenly he smiled, they both started to laugh and they invited me to enter the house. I breathed a sigh of relief, I thought: Ok, this strange Burmese humour. I have to get used to it 🙂


I left the backpack and took a seat. After some minutes a guy came. He said very smiley: Hi! My name is Toni. I thought: Niceee! Someone I could communicate with! After that introduction he asked me: Ok, What’s the problem?

I explained to him the situation, but he said: Yeah man. I’m so sorry but you can’t stay here. There’s no guesthouse around here… I asked him what the other guy wanted to tell me when I thought he was inviting me there. He told me that he didn’t know and that his English was so bad so it might have been a misunderstanding.

At that point I was feeling like an idiot plus the father kept laughing. I thought: Fuck it, I’ll go to the beach and pitch the tent there. But the guy told me that after the rains and with the high sea it wasn’t the best idea. My only reasonable option was to drive two more hours and go back to Dawei.


The guy who could speak English felt really bad about the situation and he offered to show me the area the next day, he wanted to give me his number but at that moment I was too tired and angry to be nice.

I left and did get all the way back to Dawei. I got to Dawei at 9.30 pm. I was too tired to actually feel that I was tired. I got to the guest house where they had one free room and… guess what? They had already given it!

I was thinking: Ok, I have to pay for a freaking expensive hotel if they are not sold out. But suddenly I saw another traveller, she was from Indonesia and I just asked her: are you sleeping in a double room? She said she was in a single room but after listening to the story she nicely invited me to use a piece of her room’s floor.

I had a thin airbed and a sleeping bag so that would feel good enough for a night. I offered to share the expenses of the night (5.000 kyats each, 3.40€) and the next day she was leaving early so I would keep the room for one more night. It sounded perfect!


I felt so relieved after the whole story. I had a roof and a place to finally leave the backpack!

I love and hate at the same time how easily everything changes when you are travelling. Shit and magic might happen at any moment and with the same probability.

After that, I met another traveller from Finland that was staying at the same guest house. We all hung out at a bar and had a well deserved beer! Finally, everything ended up perfectly ok. A few beers later, it was time to sleep and get some more strength to visit the beaches around the area!


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