Ambitious Tracks was created in 2015 with the hope of becoming a space where we could foster and share our curiosity. Curiosity to see new places, to live new experiences and to learn new things. While sharing our adventures with the rest of the world, we hoped to open not only our minds but those of anyone reading us and therefore do our bit to contribute to the progress in the world. Progress that we defined as “the destruction of all kind of barriers: physical, moral, racial, geographical and technical.”

With that double purpose, we hit the road and started to write, soon being victims of what we aspired to tackle. It didn’t take long until we started tagging everything we were writing about with 3 labels: travels, start-ups and innovation. What an open mind!

After some years and more experience in our lives, we have realized that there are more ways to open our minds than travelling and talking about innovation, and the most important part… that we forgot the most important group of barriers, our mental barriers. The rest is just a simple projection of how free a society is.

For this reason, we want to go back to the core of what Ambitious Tracks should have always been and break our only mental barriers first (which aren’t even real), by exposing ourselves to new innovations, surroundings and challenges. We want to be freer and better human beings and we deeply believe that this is the most ambitious and fascinating path any individual could follow.

Therefore, we have decided to break the rigidity in which we immersed ourselves and in the future we will open the scope of topics we write about to basically anything that goes through our minds and looks interesting to us.

By sharing our journey, we hope someone will feel inspired to join this continuous quest. We dream with a society in which any individual has the freedom to challenge the world that surrounds him/her and the illusion to make it a better a place. That’s the only way to break the barriers that the young Ambitious Tracks cared about.

Dear travellers, we wish you a daring journey 🙂