So dear reader you have finally landed in what we consider the core part of Ambitious Tracks, the place where we get naked (in a figurative way), to explain what all this is about.

To do so, we are going to reproduce a mix of all the conversations we have had about this idea so far:

Us: Dude, we are going to launch AMBITIOUS TRACKS!

Mate: Wooow, that’s great! I am happy for you guys but wait… WHAT the hell is AMBITIOUS TRACKS?

Us: Hahah, that’s a good one. Well, let’s start from the most important thing, WHY Ambitious Tracks exists.

We love progress. We want to be a window to the world and to the future given that we believe progress happens when we embrace new ideas. That’s the reason behind ambitious tracks, to share new ideas.

Mate: Mmm, ok… but progress is such an ambiguous word, what do you mean by progress?

Us: Yep, we do agree with that. For us progress is simply the destruction of all kind of barriers: physical, moral, racial, technical and geographical. We understand this is a long and ambitious process that happens over time.




Mate: Cool, sounds intriguing. And now, please… tell me what the hell is Ambitious Tracks?

Us: Hahah, it’s fair now, yeah. Well, Ambitious Tracks is a great online magazine about travelling and entrepreneurship. We believe that those two areas are the best to push progress ahead.

When you travel you see the real world, you meet new people, new ways of living, traditions, ideas, cultures and thanks to all that, you open your mind, which is essential to progress and innovation.

And what’s the best way to foresee how the world will be in a few years? Let’s take a look into the new start-ups and ideas that are becoming real thanks to some great innovative startups around the world.

Mate: Got it, so an online magazine about travelling and entrepreneurship, sounds cool and your WHY is fair too, but how are you gonna generate the content?

Us: This is the best part dude! We’ll be two guys (so far) travelling around the world. In each country, we’ll meet innovative startups and explore the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Another Silicon Valley may show up anywhere in the world 😉

Mate: Woowww, that’s definitely the best part, no doubt! Good luck with it guys, keep me posted and enjoy your ambitious track!

So that is a little summary to explain what Ambitious Tracks is about. We hope you got the essence of all this and enjoy it as much as we do!